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  • Enterprise mission
    Make high-quality pesticides to serve global agriculture.

    Enterprise vision
    Create a well-known brand “Huanglong”and keep the great accomplishment for one century.

    Core Value

    Enterprise spirit
    Constantly strive to become stronger and keep forging ahead.

    Concept of brand
    Be responsible for harvest hope and shoulder the dream of farmers to get rich.

    Concept of service
    Lead the plant protection precisely and work for environmental agriculture.

    Concept of talent
    Profession and dedication cause achievement;duty and responsibility can lead to success.

    Concept of management
    Communicate efficiently to promote the implementation effectively; Constantly improve the system to build an excellent team.

    Concept of marketing
    Seek development based on market and Creat a famous brand to win the future.

    Concept of quality “Three fulls”
    Everyone attentions,the whole process control and comprehensive quality management system.

    “Four alls”
    Consider from all angles of users,Prevent all plant disease in advance, Use all datas to talk and think all by logic.

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